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  • What’s Your Company’s Place in The Portable Bank Industry?
    The leader, inventor and spreader in the portable power bank business. 
  • How Do I Purchase Your Goods?
    Warmly welcome ODM/OEM customs. The purchase process is as below:
    Place PO to sales
    Sales confirm the PI to customers
    At the same time place the order to PMC
    PMC execute the orders
    Samples confirmation
  • How do you deliver the orders?
    By Courier, and freight we will bear. 
    To Apply the sample. please contact us at
  • How Many Engineers Are in Your Company?
    We have 30 engineers in our company. 


Mobile power guarantee clause

Do not implement the case of the warranty:

1. can not produce valid invoices, the packaging box and the packaging box on the warranty sticker.

2. warranty sticker has altered traces, damaged or does not match with the product.

3 .product barcode / serial number of signs of damage or defacement.

4. natural consumption, wear and aging of the material.

5 .damage caused by lightning or other power system.

6 .damage caused by force majeure factors such as accidents, disasters and wars.Third self modification.

7. Party dismantling, modification, maintenance.

8.the damage caused by improper use of the user, such as liquid injection, moisture, damage, etc.;

9.the use / connection of non random configuration of the attachment damage.

10.exceed the validity of the guarantee.

11.the use, maintenance, and damage caused by the use, maintenance, and maintenance of the use of the product instructions are not required.

The contents of this guarantee shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations of the state and the relevant laws and regulations of the state as the relevant laws and regulations of the country.

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