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Product number:LB-12/24/48

Product number Batteries capacity
LB12 18650 31200mAh
LB24 18650 62400mAh
LB48 18650 124800mAh

Technical Details

Type: Lithium-Ion
Capacity: 31200mAh/62400mAh/124800mAh
Weight: 0.96Kg/1.52Kg/2.43Kg
Dimensions: 98X102X148mm/98X102X208mm/98X102X338mm
Charging Port: 25.2V, 2A
DC Port: 12V/5A,16.5V/3.7A,18V/3.4A,19V/3.2A,20V/3A
Inverter AC Port: 220V/0.55A/50Hz/120W(Max) and 110V/1.1A/60Hz/120W(Max)
USB1 Output: 15W, 5V, 3A
USB2 Output: QC3.0 18W 3.6-6V/3A,6-9V/2A,9-12V/1.5A
Type C Port: 5V, 3A

Using time of the mechanical equipment

Smart phone 40+ times
Pad 10+ times
Laptop computer About 16 hrs
electric fans About 10 hrs
Power Tool About4~6 hrs
UAV About 5~6 hrs
Reading lamp About 10~12 hrs
Smart bracelet About 8~10 hrs
Lcd screen About 6~8 hrs
camera About 12~13 hrs

Multi-Functional Port

Support smartphone and tablet charging at the same time

22 times recharge


9 times recharge

ipad Pro 9.7

5 times recharge


LB-24 portable power,

mobile uninterruptible power

your hiking Portable partner!

Phone - Tablet - Laptop - Fan -
Power Tool - UAV Lamp - Smart bracelet -
camera - Lcd screen

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